watched city of god for the first time and la la la love


Anonymous asked: Where is the beach picture taken at? The water looks so nice. Did have a good time at beach vacation?

That was at Hilton Head Island. South Carolina. It’s one of the many places I’ve been blessed to call my home ☺️ and I did thank you for asking

Anonymous asked: How was your nude beach experience ?

Too many social networking sites! This question confused me, I am going to say that you mean from my Instagram hahaha. It was good ☺️ I ate a banana and petted a hairy wiener dog and thought it was hilarious 😂

Anonymous asked: You have a beautiful body <3

Thank you, I hope an equally if not more beautiful mind


Jan Durina

 Cob House (by Andrea Stone in Dream House)

There’s just something so sensual about a nude silhouette
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